Live Young

Right from the beginning everybody wants to grow up. Your body is anyway going to grow old at the pace it is supposed to, you have no control. But the problem is that we never try to understand how this beautiful teamwork of mind and body form our existence. And using a machinery whithout understanding it, is the cause of all the problems humanity is facing. Be it at the level of mind or the external environment we live in. Because we are mostly surrounded by the people with similar disablilities that we have. Why not take a pause and understand the mechanics we are blessed with.

At the level of our body we mainly have two things to do, survival and pro-creation. This is true for all the creatures, everybody needs food and shelter, the sense of security and the urge to create next generation. Animals do it, we do it. Of course there are certain differences on how they do it, depending upon what creature we are talking about.

At the level of mind we as humans are blessed with one more feature after memory, called Imagination. Memory is a collection of all the data we feed in this life, and the data stored in sub conscious brought as karmik bondage. The prarabdha, read through birth chart but have been wiped in this birth at a superficial level so that we can focus on this life and not always remember about the memories from our previous lives.

Imagination is our CPU. And we have a lot of different softwares running on this CPU with different names.
Thoughts are generated when we recycle the information we have. Our dreams, plans, beliefs, and even emotions are generated on the basis of this limited information. Will you still love your parents if your memory is wiped off ?

A child is completely excited about everything, a high Bhramha Energy (Read the first article about OUM Energies). As time passes, a lot of information gets feeded inside the mind and the ability to handle and process information which differs from person to person, starts functioning. Events happen, their experience get recorded and processed in many different ways time to time.

It is your own decision, if you want to see the positive side to it, or the negative one. What is negative and what is positive is just a matter of perception and everybody have their own perception of the same event based upon what they already know and what previous experiences they associate it with.

Intelligence is when we see the things as it is.
A child do not form perceptions, which makes him repeat the same mistakes again and again. And there are perceptions which makes us not try, in life. But if you choose not to form perceptions and just process the data whenever required in resonance with the reality. You will make better decisions and have no emotional pain. And if you understand that there are numerous people with different perceptions and it is not their fault, will you ever fall into an argument? You will never feel sad about anything in life, which is out of your control. And that is what living young means.

17 February 2019

Mohit Mrinal