From the time life began on this planet, we being social animals were always curious about human behaviour and making predictions about future. Astrology (Astronomy with Logic) turned out to be the most accurate tool besides tarot, palmistry, and vastu due to its intense mathematical involvements. It will be a complete injustice to Astrology if I say that its scope is limited to human behaviour. Because it is 1000 times wider and complex than just finding about how your career will be, when will you marry and those type of questions.

When I started astrology after my 12th, I went through some planet in Houses series and thought as if I got another skill. As I started reading more, I realized that for each hour spent in learning I will discover 3 more things that I dont know yet. And that how big and wide it is. I used to ask birth details and start convincing people, that look how wonderful it is. But now I know that there is a reason why not everybody has the access or acceptance or reach, to this divine knowledge. Astrology choose its people ! Not the other way around.

In this first astrology writeup, I will just write about the basic karma theory and rebirth mechanism. Sounds too much ? It is but it isn't. The way matter can neither be created not destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Karma also just transforms, you can't destroy it but you can upto some extent create it. It looks like it is created, but if you go deep, you will see that you just transformed some other karma to a new form. Let's not dive into that right now. There are basically three type of karma,

1. Sanchit Karma: The accumulated works and actions that you have completed in the past. These cannot be changed but can only wait to come into fruition. This is the vast accumulation of karma that encompasses our countless past lifetimes. This comprises every action that you have ever made in your past and your present lives.

2. Prarabdha: It is that portion of the past karma that is responsible for the present. Our birth chart, which is basically a snapshot of the sky when we take birth, shows the set of prarabdh that we got (actually chose ourselves) for this birth.

3. Agami Karma: The Karma that we are creating for ourselves right here in the current moment. It is the action that we create and the choices we make right now, as we live this present lifetime.

In a nutshell, you choose a set of fruits (both good and bad), that you would like to live through, in the coming life from the Sanchit Karma, and this becomes your Prarabdh. The soul waits till the planetary combinations align themselves resulting into such qualities/ nature/ global events that align with your prarabdh and you take birth. Your subconscious is responsible for making you tempt naturally towards making such actions that result you in balancing or say, fruitifying the promises from your prarabdha. Apart from these, you also get your conscious mind, your free will. Using which, you create the Agami karma and with dedication and planning you can even postpone your prarabdha. Some results of your actions made through free will are received in this life, and the leftovers are then merged with the sanchit karma after the soul leaves the body.

But what about family karma ? You must have seen the karma pattern in the genes as well. For example, if your grandfather was a brutal zamindar who used to torture the poor and needy. He may not face the result in his lifetime due to the existential aura effect. But few generations later, you may have to face the karma for that. So does this mean that the same soul takes a rebirth in the same family for this? Not neccessarily. Let me explain this to you in technical terms, as I am better conversant in that way. The karma database is not only stored in cloud but also at the genetic level. The object doesnt only inherit its properties and methods from the parent class but also implements them from his own soul sanchit karma. After deciding what set of karma will it live in the upcoming life, the soul waits for the planetary combination to align as well as such matching parents to conceive. When everything matches, you get a life.

It is not that easy to get another life after you die. Respect that you got one, from the parents you had to, with the karma you want to, and at the time you need to.

10 July 2020

Mohit Mrinal