The Vedik Birth chart, commonly known as "Kundli", along with dashas reveals a significant amount of Prarabdha (simply destiny) that we carry in the present life. I would recommend you to read my Astrology-1 post first, to understand the basic principles working behind this. If you have already, we are good to go. In vedik astrology, navgreh are given foremost importance. Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu. The motive of this writeup is just to get familiar with the basics of a Birth Chart, which is basically a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth.

The planets in the solar system move with their respective velocities upon their fixed orbits, covering each zodiac sign in different time intervals. If you divide the 360 degree sky belt into 12 portions like a pizza, you get a 30 degree zone for each sign. Saturn being the farthest, covers each sign in approximately 2.5 years. Sun changes its sign in about each 30 days, and so on (this is all relative to your place of birth). At the time of your birth, each planet was at a specific degree (0-30) in a specific sign (1-12) in the sky. And by the way, Rahu and Ketu moves backward, that means they move from Taurus to Aries (2 -> 1), unlike other planets that move from (1 -> 2). The birth chart looks like this:

The planets are denoted with the initial two letters of their names, and the number represented in the geometric section they lie in, is the zodiac sign. So the Moon (Mo) is in Gemini (3), in the 6th house. How is it the 6th house? Obvious question, the term "Houses" is used to represent these sections, and they are fixed in all the charts. The house where Capricorn (10) falls, is the first house, no matter what sign comes in that place. And then the house numbers goes counter-clock wise, Aquarius (11) in 2nd house and so on. The factor that decides the signs is your time of birth. Whatever sign was rising on the east of horizon at the time of your birth, becomes the sign of your first house. As they change in approximately 2 hours, we have kids with different Ascendant (first house sign is called ascendant) in each two hour gap. You can get your birth chart for free from any site for free by putting your Date, Time and Place of birth. The main chart is "Lagna", and then there are various divisional charts (won't be discussing today).

How do we read a birth chart ? I would be lying if I say that you will learn this by reading few writeups, because it is actually a wide subject. But we can start today, by getting introduced with the magic of houses. Imagine a giant pool where you can put every department of life, be it family-education-debts-career-money-everything. I will name that pool, as birth chart. And because it is difficult for anyone to find everything from a single pool, we will make partitions. I will call those partitions, as houses. In a nutshell, everything that a life can be composed of... is distributed to these 12 houses at a broader level. If you want to dive deep, then you disect the house and analyse the division chart. For example dashamsa for 10th house disection, Chaturamsha for fourth house disection, and so on. For lagna, refer this-

HouseDepartments in Life
FirstThe Ascendant, represents your body-health-vitality-appearance and the reason why you are born. It also represents loss of your family's wealth, desires and gains of your younger siblings, career and status of your mother, spiritual beliefs and luck of your children, death of your diseases/debts/aunt/uncle, debts and diseases of your spouse's family, students of your father/guru, happiness and career of your boss, efforts and competitiveness of your elder sibling, your ability to attain wealth through foreign lands, and the gain from isolation.
SecondIs the house that you value, your possessions, family, lineage, food, clothing, speach, wealth, fame, savings, banking. It shows everything that you put on your face, makeup - eye glasses - etc. It also represents your early childhood, loss of your younger siblings, loss of travel-communication-skills, gains/hopes/desires/siblings/coleagues of your mother, fame/reputation/career/boss of your children, religious beliefs/luck of your aunts and uncles, spouse's psychological makeup, spouse's joint assets, timing of spouse's surgery, the way in which your in-laws interact with the world, inheritance that you recieve, illness-diseases-obstacles of your father/guru, enemies of your religious/philosophical beliefs, efforts of your paternal grand-mother.
ThirdIt represents communication, your mother after your grow up, your speech, social media, siblings, atheletic abilities, your courage, your immateur intelligence, your ability to use hands, your shoulders, travels for your own work, writing-journalism, art-media-theatre, teaching people (updesha), gain of your family wealth, your mother's moksha, instability of your mind, gains/hopes/desires/siblings/coleagues of your children, your fathr in law, professional debts, gurus/teachers of your spouse and also the spouse of your guru, debts/illness of your bosses, children of your elder sibling, and the storage of your moksha.
FourthIs the house where all of your happiness lies, your mother, comforts, vehicles, lands, anscestral property, real-estate, divine-knowledge, learning of the astrological/religious texts, your primary knowledge, your schooling, your ability/gain to/from travel, clothing, furniture, architecture, cousins, all other kind of relatives, resources of younger siblings, donations/foreign travel/financial losses and medical aid of your children, gains trough debt, family after marriage, career and work environment of your spouse, luck of your joint assets, luck of your in-laws, death/hidden assets of your father and gurus, surgery of father, spouse of boss, health/debt/enemy of elder sibling, and everything about your paternal aunt/uncle.
FifthIt represents children, arts, media, creativity, stage-performance, cinema/theatre, sports, romance, your intelligence, what do you understand about this material world, the education you will eventually recieve, speculative gains, gambling, politics, fixed assets that your family own, intelligence/communication/ego of younger sibling, expenses/losses of your children, desires/elder siblings/gains of your spouse, reputation of your spouse's family, the type of spiritual/religious beliefs your father will have, transformations in job, hidden assets of your boss, spouse of elder sibling, dets/diseases of paternal grand mother, and your obstacles in the jouney of attaining moksha. It is the highest dharmik house of your chart and also signifies your dissolving of desires.
SixthIt represents health, illness, diseases, debts, disputes and letigation, divorces, enemies, your daily struggle and work routein, your servants, debt of prarabdh karma, mistress, step-mother, maternal uncle/aunt, investments of your family, happiness/comfort/joy/vehicle of younger siblings, any communication related to divine knowledge, wealth/food/fame of your children, health/spiritual beliefs/isloation/gains of your spouse, destruction of enemies, reputation of your father/guru, success/luck of your job, your mentors, hidden wealth/psychological makeup of elder siblings.
SeventhIt represents marriage, business, partnership, mass fame, sexual life, sexual organs, vacation home, the physical body of your spouse, your negotiation skills, debts of your family, obstacles/enemies of your family, intelligence/children of your younger sibling, your second child, the holded wealth kept away from home, relationship with women, communication skills of your first child, victory/wealth of your enermy, maternal aunt/uncle's wealth, loss of interest in occult/astrology, desires/hopes/achievements of your father, bhagya/long distance journey of elder sibling, loss/rise of your intuition/spirituality after marriages and all the other people you come across in your life. The seventh house becomes active after marriage/ business partnership.
EightThe most mysterious house of the birth chart represents occult/astrology/mysticism/tantra, death and rebirth, the recycling of soul, transformations in life, other people's money/assets, anything that you recieve from other people's death, sexual scandals, enligtment/kundalini awakening, your own deep dark secrets, debts/enemies/obstacles of your younger sibling, the educational interest of your mother, what will your children collect, communication of your enemy with you, the kind of avenue you will take to pay off your debt, your spouse's income/family/communication/savings, loss of your religious beliefs, sewer lines, anus, taxes that you pay, elder sibling/desires of your boss, reputation/profession of your elder sibling, ghosts and fears.
NinthIt represents teachers, preachers, counselors, advicors, learning through father, pilgrimage, all the deeds that you feel like doing for a higher purpose, foreign travels, philosophy, post grad education, doctorate, board members, hidden force of power, your ability to earn money from foreign places, destruction/ending/transformation of family wealth, spouse/business partner of your younger sibling, your grand children, all the obstacles your mother will go through, speculative gains of your children, the unfolding of karma upon you, the residence of your maternal aunt/uncle, younger siblings of your spouse, skills/communication skills/writing ability of your spouse, travelling for your career, communication/skills of your father, your connectivity with higher beings/other dimensions and the karma of your spiritual life.
TenthIs your work environment, where you exhaust your karma, where you put your dharma to the world, change something in the world, recognition, understanding of the creater, parents, government, authority, anything getting approved by the authority/government, making something official, dealing with your reputation, promotion, dharma/knowledge learnt from your family, surgery/hidden assets/ spouse's family of your younger siblings, your mother's circle, daily routeins/health/debt of your children, your co-workers, your mother in law, the home environment/mental health/hidden inheritance of your spouse, wealth/debt of your father, losses/spirituality of elder siblings, and the holded possessions of paternal grand mother.
EleventhIt is basically a house of gains that you get from the market place, liquid gains, result of your investment/children, the people who support you, friends, the reward of what you do in the tenth house, gold, recognition that you get, the reputation of the family you grow up in, religious beliefs of your younger siblings/neighbours/community, death and rebirth of your mother/home, astrological/occult beliefs of your mother, spouse of your first born, wild animals, NGO, UN, victory/gains over enemies, father's relationship with neigbours, father's younger siblings/skills/communication style.
TwelvethIt is the house of isolation, you take birth and go through houses 1-11 to learn life lessons, hospitals, asylums, prison/jail, losses, foreign lands, spirituality, your feet, left eye, your dreams, ending of your debts/enemies, a garbage disposer, any kind of loss, moksha, enlightment, gains of your family, source of your family wealth, reputation of your younger sibling, the karma that you face through your communication, paternal grand mother, maternal grand father, transformation/surgeries/joint assets/psychological issues of your children, your maternal aunt/uncle that comes through marriage, health/diseases/obstacles/debts of your spouse, your joint invested income, comforts/happiness/vehicles of your father, travel/efforts related to your career, gains from your investments, deep waters, and anything that is away from your comfort zone.

Long read ? We will learn how to use this knowledge in the next post..

12 July 2020

Mohit Mrinal