The Secret of Oum.

Oum and spirituality, these are the same words. Let me show you how.

When we speak of the term Spirituality, we resonate it with our own personal perception, which in most cases is like chanting prayers or some meditation. Which is incomplete. It is just the outer part of it. Let us understand spirituality first, it is the way of living. How does life work. The exchange of energies with the nature. We are just a part of this Eco-system and the way our activities effect the Land, the water and the Air. Their energies also effect us equally, or say because of the Mass volume their energies are way stronger.

Centuries ago, these were being understood and the necessary activities were taken into practice for a smoother living. Both on the personal level as well as on the social level. One of them is the practice of vibrations of the Oum.
Which sums up the entire purpose of life, the creation- preservation and transformation. Oum is divided into :
* Aaaa.... (which vibrates the portion between our lungs and the stomach)
* Uuuu.... (which vibrates the portion at chest, the region where our life support organs are present)
* Mmmm.... (which vibrates our head)

All the creation happens there, in the stomach area. The baby is born there, our food is digested there. It is the Bhramha Energy, the ability of creating something. Everyone possess a different level and flavour of creativity, which is the starting point of everything. Look around yourself, everything around you has a story, a beginning.
In terms of Astrology, the North node of the moon- Rahu. Which is actually our desires, the future we want to create. And Mars, the passion for trying something new out of the processed information we have. Are the major two planets which makes a person more creative and possess a high Bhramha Energy.

The way your life support organs preserve you, there is a need for the habit of preserving things in life.
In life, we frequently miss opportunites being low on savings, and even the Insects prepare for the winter in advance. The people who preserve things, understand the importance of savings, and keep themselves prepared for the rainy day are the people high on Vishnu Energy

You think, you use your Brains and you transform. The understanding of the properties and functions each entity posses on this universe and how to utilise their functionalities in the most optimal manner to produce desired results.
The Mahesh, Shiva, the one who transforms is the energy behind. Decision making, if you take decision and they dont work out well, you are missing something. You need to do more homework on your object of focus, they actually dont work the way you think. The understanding of functional logic and implementationl abilities are the cream of human abilities. This is why the CEOs are the cream of society.

Depending upon your energy if you choose your career, then the journey will not only be sure but enjoyable. There are certain career fields that require a high Bhramha energy like programming, logic formation, planning, art.
The fields which involve optimal implementational abilities, resource management, and security comes under the domain of high Vishnu Energy. Some career fields also require a combination of multiple qualities. Entrepreneurship requires you to possess all the three energies at a high scale.

Centuries ago, everybody was an Entrepreneur and they needed these three qualities for a smoother and successful living at both professional and personal level. So everybody used to do pranayam, meditation and chanting to keep their vibrations resonated with the nature to attain the qualities they needed for a better living. And Oum helped them live better. Spirituality is like a Cheatcode for GTA of life.

20 January 2019

Mohit Mrinal