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Have you ever thought that why everybody owns a different life, different problems and a different set of blessings ? What is Hell and What is heaven ?

The current life that we experience, becomes hell or heaven based on the karma that our soul carries. These could be analysed by the birth charts, which are soul's report card. And timing of the events that we will or may experience in this life span is read through the dasha system. Does that mean everything is fixed ? And how can the planets affect us ? Are the two major questions that everybody has.

The Seven Chakras, contain the answer. Starting from the Muladhar at the bottom, to the Sahasrara chakra at the top are placed linearly corresponding to the spine (image). The chakras shows you what your inner energy state or the inner state of karma is.

As we know, there are seven planets and twelve signs in the solar system. Their representation in the twelve houses, covers everything that a life can be composed of. Well, there are many more charts apart form the Lagna but we are not discussing charts over here. The planets and signs are associated with the chakras in our body, and this is how the planet controls our thoughts that land us to different situations and events in life.

The Sahasrara chakra on the top is beyond Karma, and this is where our ability to take decisions on our own / our free will resides. It needs to be strenghtened (our inner astrology) through Meditation and other practices because opposing / post-poning karma is not easy. But possible, ofcourcse.

1. MuladharaSaturnCapricorn & Aquarius
2. SwadhisthanaJupiterSaggitarius & Pieces
3. ManipuraMarsAries & Scorpio
4. AnahataVenusTaurus & Libra
5. VishuddhaMercuryGemini & Virgo
6. AjnaSun & MoonLeo & Cancer
7. Sahasrara--

Starting from the First Chakra, ruled by Saturn. It is all about dealing with the problems and harships of life, neccessary for our survival. This is why Saturn itself, having the quality of hard work and patience, does well in this sign. Mars, the passionate hardworking soldier is exalted in Capricorn and the planet Jupiter, full of wisdom feels caught up here. Because Mars will do whatever it takes to get out of obstacles as soon as possible whereas Jupiter may counter it with wisdom and start adjusting.

The Second Chakra, ruled by Jupiter is about the expression of creativity, wealth, children and love. This is why Venus is exalted in Pisces, because when the ruler of the fourth chakra (the heart) comes here, the person is able to understand the emotions of the world better. This enhances the ability to become wealthy, express love, and creativity. Whereas Mercury, the ruler of the fifth chakra (responsible for managing things well) is debilitated over here. Because it starts putting logic and analytics to the domain which works beyond these things. Also, when planets like Saturn comes in this chakra, the sense of fulfillment through religion or children is missing.

The Third Chakra, ruled by Mars is our sense of personal power, our drive / passion, our will, the desire to achieve things in life. And achieving success becomes difficult if you are still stuck with the survival issues, and this is why Saturn is debilitated in Aries. But when the planet Sun, from the sixth chakra place holding divine wisdom comes here, it supports in reaching our goals, hence exalted.

The Fourth Chakra of heart, ruled by Venus, is about love - taking in consideration the needs and suffering of other people. This is why the planet Moon (our emotions) does well in the sign of Taurus because of not only being a earthy and stable sign but a region of venus chakra makes it able to understand other people's emotions well, it gives the capacity to connect to other people. This makes the person likable, and popular automatically.

The Fifth Chakra of throat, ruled by Mercury is about communication and figuring out the best approach to life, because Mercury is about managing things in life. It is the mediator between the "divine" sixth chakra and the fourth "heart" chakra. This is why Mercury is itself exalted here and Venus is debilitated here. Because Venus may give you sweet voice, vocal talents but it is not having the technical capacity to manage. Rather, it actually nurture others which may land you to a difficult life for your own self.

The Sixth Chakra of divine wisdom, is ruled by Sun and the Moon. Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer in the sixth chakra because it puts the qualities of the second chakra to a divine purpose in life, which simplifies everything as far as the material world is considered. Whereas when Mars, the restless soldier is put here, everything becomes more difficult. Because it starts creating confusions, the Sun can go down to the third chakra but the Mars can not come up.

This was just a glimpse of how it works, you can figure out the other possibilities of sign and planets I have not mentioned here, by understanding the "planets" and "the signs" well.

7 July 2019

Mohit Mrinal