I am Mohit Mrinal

Flutter Developer,Web Developer, Mobile Developer


You need someone to take care of the tech, while you focus on you business operations? I can help 😃

Web Design

No Database requirement?
If you need a website to showcase your brand, display your products or explain your business to clients.

Web Development

Need the database as well?
Full Stack Web Development projects, where front end designs marry backend using PHP and MySQL.

Logo Design

Not so technical, but can do AI generated logo as well. If you want 😉 ! Could be clubbed with the web or app development as well.

Flutter Development

What is better than having a Hybrid App that run on Android and iOS both, with the power of Google Flutter and Firebase.


Not sure what you need from the tech side for your business exactly? We can have a call/coffee to help you decide that 😃

Moon8 Notes

Short PCM Notes that covers the syllabus of almost every Engineering Enterance Examinations in India.

If you like Motivational Quotes

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Past projects

C Cube Customer

Flutter Development / 2 Nov 2021

C Cube Attendant

Flutter Development / 26 Sep 2021


Flutter Development / 4 May 2021

IGNOU Credit Society

Web Development / 4 Jan 2019


Web Design / 20 Apr 2021

Vaishali DCA

Web Development / 20 Sep 2020

Honeymoon IQ

Web Development / 5 Aug 2020


Web Development / 26 Aug. 2019

SMART Series

Web Design / 30 Oct. 2019

JUIT Guru App

Webview App / 1 Aug. 2019

Inner Aid

Flutter Development / 27 Aug 2020

FarmsAGE Website

Web Design / 19 Nov 2020